Filmosophy season @Filmhouse


Tuesday 5 – Tuesday 26 March 2013

The relationship between philosophy and film is as old as film itself. Initially, philosophers concerned themselves with questions on the nature of the medium: Can film be art? What is film’s connection with reality? How does film engage our emotions? While such discussions contribute greatly to our understanding of film, they tend to overlook the contribution that film itself can make to philosophy.

More recently, philosophers have begun to take seriously the claim that certain films may themselves be considered as works of philosophy. A philosophical film, like philosophy itself, will likely cause us to question ourselves, and the world around us. It may provide more questions than answers; yet, in doing so, it will expand our ideas and allow us to view familiar things in unfamiliar ways.

This short season features four of the most original and thought-provoking films of recent years. Join us as we explore philosophical issues such as knowledge and belief (Dogtooth), language and meaning (Pontypool), faith (Sound of my Voice), and objective truth (Catfish). Each screening will be preceded by a short introduction by James Mooney and will be followed by an opportunity to discuss the themes addressed.

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