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Filmosophy: Regeneration!

’Filmosophy’ is a series of philosophical film screenings and related events curated by James Mooney of The University of Edinburgh’s Office of Lifelong Learning in association with the Edinburgh Filmhouse cinema. Previous seasons have focused on issues ranging from the appearance/ reality distinction to the doppelgänger and have featured films including Dogtooth, Moon, Pontypool, and Time Crimes.

The fifth season of Filmosophy will return in the Autumn/ Winter of 2015 and will focus on the theme of ‘regeneration’. This season will be offered in association with the Centre for Regenerative Medicine. The MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine (CRM) is a world leading research centre studying stem cells, disease and tissue repair to advance human health.

The films screened will allow an opportunity to discuss the groundbreaking research currently being undertaken at CRM, the diseases they study, and associated ethical issues surrounding the use of stem cells. We will seek to distinguish between science fiction and science fact, and to gain a valuable insight into the lives of those touched by the diseases and injuries that regenerative medicine aims to treat.

Some potential titles are: Blade Runner (Scott 1982); I Am Breathing (Davie, McKinnon 2013); Gattaca (Niccol 1997); Never Let Me Go (Romanek 2010); Rust and Bone (Audiard 2012).

Each film will be preceded by a short introduction and followed by a range of post-screening events, featuring scientists from the Centre for Regenerative Medicine and other invited speakers. The season will also incorporate artwork by Hamer Dodds, who is the artist in residence for CRM and who has been highly influential in setting up this exciting initiative.

At this point, you can get involved by suggesting relevant films which you would like to see screened and/ or themes you would like to see addressed. You can do this by commenting below or by engaging on FacebookTwitter, or Ello.