Michael H. Profession: Director

Over the last 25 years, Michael Haneke has established himself as one of the most important directors in cinema history. From his early work to Amour, he has explored some of the most important moral and philosophical questions. Through interviews with his actors, Isabelle Huppert, Juliette Binoche, Emmanuelle Riva and many more, as well as previously […]

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Frequently, people choose to go to the movies to see a certain type of film. Popular genres include: action; comedy; western; science-fiction; horror, and; musical. Genres are used by industry officials in deciding what kinds of films to make and as a simple way to characterize film by type. It is usual for there to […]

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What is Film Studies?

Most people enjoy films; most are happy to make claims about how they make us feel (emotive claims) and what we think about them (evaluative claims).  We might, for example, say that a particular film made us cry, or frightened us, or had us ‘on the edge of our seats’.  We might say a film […]

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