Filmosophy – now booking

Filmosophy returns for a fourth season of original and thought-provoking films. This season focuses on the distinction between appearance and reality. Each film provides a unique perspective on this philosophical problem, using the notions of sight and blindness as powerful metaphors. Questions addressed include: What is the ultimate nature of reality? How do we gain knowledge of the world around us? What, if anything, can we know for certain? In addition, the nature of film itself – as a medium that trades in appearances and yet is intimately connected to reality – will be explored. Tue 24 February, 6.15pm: Pi (Darren Aronofsky 1998) Tue 24 March, 6.00pm: Proof (Jocelyn Moorhouse 1991) Tue 21 April, 6.00pm: 3-Iron (Kim Ki-duk 2004) Each screening will be preceded by a short introduction and followed by an opportunity to discuss the philosophical issues raised in an informal and accessible manner. The screenings will be introduced and discussion sessions hosted by James Mooney (Lecturer in Film and Philosophy and Open Studies Course Organiser at The University of Edinburgh).

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