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The third season of FILMOSOPHY at Filmhouse Edinburgh starts on Tuesday 21 October at 6PM with Timecrimes. This is a rare opportunity to see this mind-bending time-travel film-noir on the big screen. We will be joined by philosopher Dr Alasdair Richmond – who has written widely on time-travel. In addition, the film’s director, Nacho Vigalondo, has made himself available for a twitter Q&A during our post-screening discussion.

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Bertolucci’s Cave: a Platonic reading of The Conformist

Halfway through Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Conformist (Il Conformista 1970) the protagonist, Marcello Clerici, visits the Parisian home of his former teacher, Professor Quadri. After entering his study, Clerici recounts Quadri’s … Continue reading

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FILMOSOPHY: the double

Filmosophy returns for a third season of original and thought-provoking films, this time focusing on the theme of ‘the double’. The idea of the double – or doppelganger – has … Continue reading

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Filmosophy – Moon

Join us for the next instalment of Filmosophy at the Filmhouse on Tuesday 13th May. For further information and to book online follow the link: Moon – Filmhouse Cinema Edinburgh.

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Filmosophy season at Filmhouse Edinburgh

Filmosophy is where film meets philosophy. Some films, like philosophy itself, can challenge our preconceived views of ourselves and the world around us. They may provide more questions than answers; … Continue reading

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Thinking through Film – new course starts 12 January 2015

An introduction to philosophy through the medium of film. Using a diverse range of films, we will explore some of the most interesting issues in philosophy. In doing so, we … Continue reading

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Examined Life – Judith Butler and Sunaura Taylor

In Examined Life, Judith Butler and Sunaura Taylor explore what it means to ‘take a walk’ in the mission district of San Francisco. One of the most fascinating parts of the … Continue reading

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The Problem of Evil in Film

The standard philosophical definition of God is that He is: omnipotent (all powerful); omniscient (all knowing), and; benevolent (perfectly good). However, the ‘problem of evil’ seems to entail that the existence … Continue reading

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Michael H. Profession: Director

Over the last 25 years, Michael Haneke has established himself as one of the most important directors in cinema history. From his early work to Amour, he has explored some … Continue reading

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The Black Hole: metaphysics and greed

The Black Hole (Phil and Olly, 2008) - a short, but perfectly formed, exploration of metaphysics and greed. Enjoy!

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Peter Singer on our obligation to alleviate suffering

Karl Marx stated, ‘the philosophers have merely interpreted the world in various ways. The point, however, is to change it’. Marx’s sentiment is, I think, shared by many; philosophy can be seen to … Continue reading

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Plato’s Cave and the Cinema

In his Cave Allegory (Republic, c.360 BCE), Plato presents a strikingly visual account of the distinction between knowledge and belief and, in doing so, provides us with what may be … Continue reading

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