Filmosophy – now booking

Filmosophy returns for a fourth season of original and thought-provoking films. This season focuses on the distinction between appearance and reality. Each film provides a unique perspective on this philosophical problem, using the notions of sight and blindness as powerful metaphors. Questions addressed include: What is the ultimate nature of reality? How do we gain […]

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Scotland on Screen

As promised to my American friends, here are just a few recommendations of ‘Scottish’ films (Braveheart purposefully omitted). Ae Fond Kiss (Loach 2004); The Angels’ Share (Loach 2012); Breaking the Waves (Von Trier 1995); Brigadoon (Minnelli 1954); Filth (Baird 2013); Gregory’s Girl (Forsyth 1981); Hallam Foe (Mackenzie 2007); The Illusionist (Chomet 2010); Local Hero (Forsyth 1983); Morvern Callar (Ramsey 2002); Neds (Mullen 2010); Orphans (Mullen 1998); The […]

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